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Hi there 👋! I'm a Web Developer from Michigan. My dream is to be the best web developer in the world and to one day own my own business.

I love creating Websites and treat it as art. I do this for fun, just imagine how much better I'd be if I was getting paid for it!




React.js is my favorite framework to work with here is a cool project I made with it - Full-stack-Ecommerce-Dashboard. This framework can be used with other libraries and frameworks such as Redux, React Native, and AngularJS, which allows me to create complex applications with ease. Overall, React.js is a powerful tool that enables developers to create efficient, scalable, and maintainable web applications.


I've been learning about Angular and made a pokemon-card-app. I use Angular because of its Model-View-Controller (MVC) architecture pattern, which helps to separate the presentation logic from the business logic of the application. This makes it easier to test and maintain applications.


PHP is fun to use and I feel that it is the drawbridge between front and back end. Laravel's routing system makes it easy to define routes for my applications and map them to controllers and actions. This helps to simplify the development process and makes it easier to maintain my applications. Check this out Laravel + React

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I post most of my projects on here and share it with the community. Come and take a look at my work.


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